About NTNU Bridge

NTNU Bridge is NTNU's official careers portal, providing an online forum where employers and students can connect with each other 

NTNU Bridge provides a wide range of career opportunities through encouraging professional and academic collaboration on master’s theses and other projects, as well as internships, part-time jobs and seasonal work. NTNU graduates are attractive to employers in both the public and private sectors. NTNU has a compelling reputation amongst Norwegian employers, and employers actively seek to hire the bright minds from NTNU – even long before they have graduated.  

By registering a profile on NTNU Bridge careers portal, you’ll be able to upload your CV and apply for summer jobs and internships. NTNU Bridge will allow you to communicate and build a network with employers with the goal of improving your employability. Employers can publish job vacancies and advertise topics for master's theses and other projects on the portal, and they also have access to students' CVs. NTNU Bridge also makes it possible for NTNU lecturers to connect with external collaborators.

The registration process is simple, and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. NTNU Bridge is a free service offered by NTNU. We are here to help you, and encourage any feedback, input or ideas you might have.


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NTNU Bridge has been developed in conjunction with students, lecturers and employers. Together, we are working to make the bridge from studies to employment easier to cross.