Academic collaboration

Are you about to write a project-, bachelor's- or master's thesis? We recommend writing your thesis in collaboration with an external partner! At NTNU Bridge you will find many
relevant partners and exciting assignments. These can be found under Announcements.


How to get started:

  1. Create a profile on NTNU Bridge
  2. Find an assignment that interests you
  3. Clarify with your supervisor that you can choose this assignment
  4. Contact the external partner, send any application and required documentation
  5. Details of the assignment, roles and progress are clarified in consultation with your supervisor and the external partner
  6. Sign a written contract before the assignment starts. Find more information under Standard agreements


If you have your own ideas for an assignment in collaboration with an external partner, you can contact employers directly through their profile at NTNU Bridge. Remember to make sure that your thesis allows for collaboration with an external partner, and involve your supervisor as soon as possible.

In addition to the supervision you receive at NTNU, we encourage the external partner to provide at least 20 hours of guidance/follow-up for a master's thesis.

Also, unless otherwise agreed upon, students have copyright to their theses.

You might get travel and other expenses covered when collaborating on your thesis. See Travel scholarships