Nyheter og fagressurser for medisin, sykepleie, helse og omsorgsfag

Digital resources for medicine and health

The Corona outbreak has an impact on opening hours and borrowing of books, but the library’s digital resources in medicine and health are available 24/7. We have gathered all these resources in our Subject Page for Medicine and Health. You must be connected to the NTNU-network (directly on campus or by using VPN) to get access to our subscription resources.

See also our COVID-19 resource page. Follow our Intranet (Innsida) channel: Nytt fra Universitetsbiblioteket.

This post will be updated if new digital resources become available. Last updated: 07.07.20.

Here is a list of our most important digital resources:

  • Journal articles
  • E-books
  • Video lectures
  • Anatomical atlases
  • Drug information

Journal articles

You can find links to the different article databases in the tab Find literature. Here you can search for articles and full text (look for the NTNU icon).

Norwegian e-books

The library provides many textbooks in medicine and health

On June 30, the extended access to the National Library’s digital collections of legally deposited documents that can be found in Bokhylla will cease. This has been an extended offer while the country’s libraries were closed. This means that only scientific staff have access via Feide. Students must apply for access through the University Library. Read more about access to the collection on the National Library’s web pages.

Questions? Contact NTNU Help.

English e-books

The Library provides access to the digital version of many of the most popular textbooks in medicine and health.

A list of the most relevant e-textbooks for medicine can be found on our “Medical e-textbooks” page (in Norwegian only). The available textbooks do not cover all of our health educations properly, but the learning platforms Clinical Key Student and MedOne Education give an overview of all our e-textbooks from Elsevier and Thieme.

In addition we have a free «Corona-access» to popular textbooks from the publisher McGraw-Hill on the platform Access Medicine. Cambridge University Press grants free access to all their textbooks until June 1.

The e-books have several features than can be used if you create a personal user on the learning platforms. It is possible to search, adjust font size, highlight text, add personal notes and create bookmarks. In addition, the platforms offer extra features like pictures, videos, examination questions etc.

We have access to almost 10 000 e-books in medicine and health from the publisher Springer. Several dictionaries can be accessed in Ordnett.no. You can also search for e-books in Oria and get a direct link to the books.

Video lectures

If you prefer video lectures, we recommend HSTalks – The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection. It contains 2000 video lectures in biomedicine and life sciences, taught by leading experts in their disciplines, including several Nobel laureates. We have also access to JoVE Education Videos until 15.06.20. This resource provides high quality educational videos within several disiplines.

Anatomical atlases and e-resources

The library provides several digital anatomy resources

Visible Body is an anatomy atlas with five modules. Here you can create a personal user and add your own notes and take tests to check your knowledge.

The module Human Anatomy Atlas is an interactive 3D-model of the human body with several options for interactive use (e. g. an advanced «Cross Sections» module). Muscle Premium focuses on muscles and how they are involved in body movements. The module Anatomy & Physiology is a great introduction to physiology topics. Physiological Animations is a video module with 3D animations in physiology and pathology. If you are interested in more advanced physiology, we recommend the resource Anatomy & Physiology Online.

Anatomy & Physiology Online is an electronic learning platform for biological, physiological and chemical processes in the body. It contains 19 modules with 3D pictures and animations, in-dept texts, tests etc. It is possible to download texts (pdf) and pictures/figures.

Ackland Anatomy contains videos of real bodies and dissection on these. A narrator comments the dissections, supported by text and arrows on the videos. A print version of the comments are available. It is possible to create a personal user to add your own notes and take tests to check your knowledge.

Drug information

Drug information can be found in several e-ressources

Felleskatalogen, Norsk legemiddelhåndbok and Micromedex are er important sources for information about drugs, adverse effects etc. (the first two are in Norwegian only). All of them are freely available if you use a Norwegian network. Please note that Felleskatalogen is published by the drug industry, while Norsk elektronisk legehåndbok is published by Foreningen for utgivelse av Norsk legemiddelhåndbok, where an independent board is in charge of the content.

Contact us

The library staff has home offices but you can contact us by email:
Medicine and Health Library: post@bmh.ntnu.no
Tungasletta Library: tungabib@ub.ntnu.no
Gjøvik Library: gjovikbib@ub.ntnu.no
Ålesund Library: alesund@ub.ntnu.no



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