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HSTalks – video lectures

HSTalks interface

HSTalks – The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

  • 2000 biomedical and life science audio – visual lectures
  • editors and lecturers are leading world experts and practitioners, including Nobel Laureates
  • lectures covers topics from introduction to high advanced level
  • choose lectures by subject or therapeutic area.

Note: You have to be connected to NTNU- or St. Olavs network (or use VPN) to get access to lectures.

You can also find all lectures in Oria.  They have a video-icon. When you seach after the topic in Oria, choose «Audio Visual» under the «Resource type» in the left menu.

Are you a lecturer?

You can use the whole video lecture or choose a particular part of the lecture in the classroom. You can also share the link to lectures (or part of it) with the students

Click on «Embed in Course/Own Notes» to link the video to your lecture (see illustration below).

Screen capture of embed-button on the websites of HS Talks