Anatomy resources

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Acland anatomy interfaceAcland Anatomy

Acland Anatomy contains videos of human anatomy and dissection in an educational way. All the human parts are real, and in natural colour. A narrator comments on the dissection to highlight what is shown, supported by arrows and texts.

There are 5 main volumes:

  • The Upper Extremity
  • The Lower Extremity
  • The Trunk
  • The Head and Neck
  • The Internal Organs

Note: Currently, Acland Anatomy does not work normally with Firefox or Explorer. Therefore, use Chrome, Edge (Win 10), or Safari (Mac).

User manual for Acland Anatomy (Anatomy & Physiology)

This is a learning resource that provide insight into biological and chemical processes in the body. It contains 19 modules with 3D images in good quality, interactive models, short animations with comments, illustrations, clinical case studies and much more.

 Visible Body

New, updated interface with multiple features and 3D functions!  The resource is visually intuitive and easy to navigate.

Demonstration video

Our Library have access to five modules in this package:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Human Anatomy Atlas
  • Anatomy & Function
  • Muscle Premium
  • Physiology Animations

Human Anatomy Atlas is an interactive 3D model of the human body, while Muscle Premium focuses on the muscles of the body more specifically.

Visible body works best with Mozilla Firefox.

You can also download Visible Body apps to your mobile device.

Remember that you have to be connected to NTNU or St. Olavs network (or use VPN) when downloading this app. Don’t use appstore to download.

Clinical Anatomy

Clinical Anatomy er en gratis anatomiressurs fra UBC.

Clinical Anatomy is a free anatomy resource from The Medical Faculty of University of British Colombia.