No. 1 (2015)

The normative dimensions of new technologies

This special issue features papers that articulate and discuss approaches and methodology that seek to make normative research activity and research output productive in contexts of ongoing societal and technological decision-making.

Both context-sensitivity and awareness of the theoretical concerns, principles and values that we bring with us to the field, is required for a precise grasp of the normative issues at stake in targeting the normative dimensions of technology development and implementation.

Central question include: What are the adequate methods for answering the normative challenges posed by emerging technologies? How do we combine empirical methods and philosophical theories in answering particular research questions related to technology development? How do we work with technology partners and policy makers, in committees and advisory boards, in a way that is philosophically fruitful? What kind of contributions should we aim to provide?

Publiseringsdato  2015-05-09

Published: 2015-05-09