Standard agreement for academic collaboration

Applies to collaboration on project assignments, bachelor- and master's theses with partners outside NTNU. Before the project commences, a written agreement must be signed by the partner, the student, the student's department and the academic supervisor at NTNU. The agreement clarifies ownership, disclosure and use of the results.


Standard agreement for collaboration with external partners

The standard agreement for project assignments and master's theses, including collaboration with external partners, can be registered online by the student. Find more information on NTNU's intranet

Alternately, the standard agreement can be downloaded:

Some departments have their own guidelines and master's agreements. This also applies to bachelor's theses. Where there is no separate agreement, the standard document can be used as basis for an agreement.


If there are special confidentiality requirements, a separate confidentiality agreement is to be signed

Many businesses will want for you as a student to commit to confidentiality related to different areas of the business in question.

  • Standard agreement on confidentiality between student and external business. (odt-document)


Unless otherwise agreed, the student has the copyright to the assignment.