An old monastery at Lesvos was the perfect frame for academics digging in to the big questions of transdisciplinarity.

– Everyone seems to agree that Metochi is the ideal place to discuss transdisciplinarity. There is great academic curiosity and an excellent atmosphere in our seminars and discussions, reported Matthias Kaiser from Lesvos the first week in July.

It was Metochi Study Centre at the greek island that provided the unique frame for the workshop “Transdisciplinarity in action: Quality, Values, and Foresight as challenges“, organised by WP8 in AFINO.
Read more about teaching team, program and focus points for the workshop here.

Matthias Kaiser, leader of the workshop and WP8, sums up after the days at Metochi:

“This was a demanding topic to address within the bounds of a one-week workshop. We had a highly competent group of participants who represented a radical inter-disciplinary background with aspirations to reach out to users of various profiles.
Metochi provided the ideal setting for our workshop: the remoteness of a former monastery, the local Greek food, and the various opportunities to continue our discussions informally. It was a place where body and soul, intellect and curiosity found perfect nourishment.
At the end all participants eagerly asked: when can we continue this discussion? My thanks go to all participants and to the friendly staff of Metochi!”

Fruitful, useful and relevant
Not only the organiser was exited about the venue and outcome of the workshop. The superlatives also came easily from participants at the workshop at Lesvos.
Organiser Matthias Kaiser seized the opportunity to a talk with some of them.

All interviews and photos: Matthias Kaiser.
Editing: Eva H. Murvold.

Matthias Kaiser
Matthias Kaiser is leader of AFINO's research group Quality and foresight in responsible research and innovationRead more about Matthias on AFINO's webpage.