Bridging the gap between NTNU and working life

NTNU Bridge is NTNU's official careers portal, providing an online forum where employers and students can connect with each other 

NTNU Bridge has been developed by and for NTNU, and is centered around academic qualifications. The portal is designed to make it easy for the student and the employer to connect based on the student's professional background, and what skills are required by the employer. NTNU Bridge is the only service of its kind that exclusively targets NTNU students from all campuses and programmes of study. It also differs from similar portals in that you can publish proposals for bachelor- and master's theses, project assignments and supervised professional training.

Our services are completely free to use, our only requirement from employers is that published assignments are relevant to our students. We believe that the shortest path from research at the university to practical appliance in society goes through our students. Facilitating academic collaboration and helping our students to acquire relevant experience and positions contribute to the academic knowledge being utilized where it is needed.

NTNU-staff can create an employee profile via FEIDE. It is not visible to other users and provides access to all announcements and profiles. This way, you can use NTNU Bridge to stay updated on which organizations are showing interest in your students and what they are specifically looking for. You can also advertise student assistant positions through the portal. Find more information about this under "Publish announcements".

NTNU Bridge is part of NTNU Career Services, and our services are free of charge.