AFINO strengthens the collaboration with partners in India about whistleblowing. This gets noticed in the local media in the country.

It is the media organisation VERITO.Today that has published an article about the visit from AFINO’s WP6, represented by it’s leader and Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Kristian Alm and Dr. Heidi Karlsen, also BI Norwegian Business School.

The purpose of their visit was to meet and strengthen the collaboration with the business school SDMIMD (Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara, Institute for Management Development). The Indian business school will contribute in the work in AFINO’s WP6 to publish a “Global Bibliography on Whistleblowing”.

The media organisation VERITO.Today describes themselves as a trustworthy media organisation; disseminating accurate information; providing compelling visual products and services; and developing a strong base of patrons through our creativity and reliability.

Read the full article from the media organisation here.

Featured image: Facsimile from the newspaper VERITO.Today.