The question is asked by Atle Midttun. He is a professor at the Norwegian Business School (BI), the Department of Innovation and Economic Organisation, and leader of WP5 in AFINO, Illustrative Nordic Cases on Sustainability.
He raises the introductory question in the working paper The Greening of the European Petroleum Industry: Is it for Real and Does it Make Sense?
Midttun has written the paper in collaboration with Marina Khanieva, Magne Lia and Eivind Wenner.

The working paper is based on last years promise from the European petroleum companies –  that they are willing to undertake a fundamental green transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, running parallel with the EU’s politically proclaimed “Green Deal”.  
This great promise thus provides Midttun and his colleagues to ask if it is too good to be true.

Read the article were they explore how greening strategies may be anchored in several parts of the complex petroleum-industrial value chain. And how various companies have taken different approaches, depending on their resources and capabilities.
Link to the working paper published at BI, Center for Sustainability and Energy here.

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