In their 2003 paper, High-level systematics and phylogeny of the extant scorpions (Scorpiones: Orthosterni) (click on the title for free fulltext of the article, which was published in Euscorpius (2003), issue 11), Soleglad & Fet has made several important changes to the number of scorpion families, and the content of some of the families. These changes are now implemented in The Scorpion Files and a summary of the changes are listed below:

The subfamily Caraboctoninae in Iuridae is elevated to family rank and a new family Caraboctonidae is created. In this family you will find Caraboctonus, Hadruroides, Hadrurus. The family Iuridae is left with the two genera Iurus and Calchas.

In the family Chactidae, 36 species previously listed in the genus Broteochactas have been transfered to a new genus, Neochactas.

The Chactid genera Cayooca, Guyanochactas and Taurepania have been synonymized with Broteochactas (Chactidae).

Three species from Broteochactas have been transfered to Hadrurochactas (both Chactidae).

The genus Anuroctonus is transfered from the family Iuridae to the family Chactidae.

The the genus Uroctonus has been transfered from the family Vaejovidae to Chactidae.

The family Troglotayosicidae has been abolished and the genus Belisarius has been transfered to the family Chactidae and the genus Troglotayosicus has been transfered to Superstitioniidae.

The family Diplocentridae has been abolished and all genera and species have been transfered to Scorpionidae.

The family Hemiscorpiidae has been abolished and the two genera Habibiella and Hemiscorpius have been transfered to Liochelidae.

The family Heteroscorpionidae has been abolished and the genus Heteroscorpion has been transfered to Urodacidae.

After this, we have 14 valid extant families (the complete list can be seen in the left meny). See also the family file for each family for more information.

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