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Henry Stewart Talks – The Biomedical Life Sciences Collection

Henry Stewart Talks is a Collection consisting of more than 1500 lectures within the fields of biomedicine and other life sciences. The lecturers are leading experts in their fields, including several Nobel Prize winners.







Some lectures provide an overview of basic knowledge within a field, whereas others report recent research findings. As such, the database is relevant both for students, lecturers and others who want a professional update. Each lecture has a unique link and code snippet (html) that can be integrated into websites, blogs etc., and it comes with a printable PPT. Thus, lecturers can easily select especially relevant sections and integrate them in their own teaching.

The entire base is also searchable in our discovery tool Oria.

It is possible to search and browse the database by

  • subject area: biochemistry, cell biology, neuroscience, clinical medicine, microbiology and many other.
  • therapeutic area: vaccines, haematology, dermatology, immunilogy, neurology and many other.

The Henry Stewart Talks have monthly updates with new topics, as well as new lectures within existing topics. You can browse lectures by subject area and therapeutic area, watch recently added lwctures and rearch for any topic of your interest.

The Medicine and Health Library provides a free access both inside the campus and outside.


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