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Experts in Team, the Future in service of the past

A colorful palette of ideas of students projects was presented at the Gunnerus library yesterday. “Experts in team” is a master’s degree course in which students develop their interdisciplinary teamwork skills and allows them to prepare themselves for their working life. Village 9 worked during the spring semester with ideas on Digital dissemination of the past and discussed the possibilities and the limitations technology can offer as a tool. The idea was to work interdisciplinary and discuss the challenges technology poses around the lifespan and the documentation strategies of today’s digital data production that the Museum and Library section deals with. Creative ideas as to what would be the best strategy to structure and disseminate the metadata of archives and special collections in the future is a demanding and ongoing task for our library and suggestions from young professionals is a way to stay in tune with the current technological developments. At the same time, contact with the general public is the main factor for the development of new visualization tools and allows us to think new ways of approaching our users and their interests and achieve. For that, I must thank hashtag#NTNU IDI and my colleagues as well as the students that worked with great enthusiasm through the semester giving us the opportunity to experiment through this collaboration. I must also thank IDI professor Letizia Jacceri for mentoring and guiding me all these years through a number of collaborative projects. hashtag#eithashtag#technologyhashtag#interdisciplinary

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Updated programme for DH seminar

How to get to Kalvskinnet Campus here


“Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”

1st and 2nd of November 2018

organized by NTNU University Library at Trondheim, 

Division of Culture and Science.

at Sumhuset Kalvskinnet Campus

Hands on workshops for students and researchers

Detailed Program here 

Speakers’ bios

Practical information here

Gunnerus Library

Venues: Suhmhuset, Gunnerus library, at Kalvskinnet Campus


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New project av NTNU UB-Scanning the past

Scanning the past: A new project is on its way with #NTNU VR lab Prof. Ekaterina Prasolova-Frøland and master`s students Martin Storødegård og Per Axel Mathias Jønsen and Prof Thoharis Theoharis ved NTNU/IDI
You can still register for the workshop/visit at the lab here
NTNU UB har initiert et samarbeid med VR lab på Dragvoll ved Professor Ekaterina Prasolova-Frøland og underskrevet en kontrakt med to IT studenter, Martin Storødegård og Per Axel Mathias Jønsen ved NTNU/IDI i å ta masteroppgave knyttet til Gunnerusbibliotekets spesialsamlinger og ved bruk av Augmenter Reality og Virtual Reality teknologi. Veiledere er prof. Ekaterina Prasolova-Frøland og prof. Theoharis Theoharis fra IDI og Alexandra Angeletaki er ansvarlig fra bibliotekets side. Oppstartmøte avholdt 11.8.19.
photos by Nils Ch. Eikland ved NTNU UB
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Hands-on workshops for researchers and students!

1st and 2nd of November 2018

Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities.

Is technology going fast for you, would you like to be able to use a tool and visualise your research or manage your meta-data?

Join us

NTNU UB extends an invitation to scholars to join us in a Hands-on workshop 1.11.2018 13.30-15.30 with A.Rockenberger from the National Library of Norway

Writing And Publishing On The Web Together Using Github : a workshop on GitHub as a source of software, scripts, and programs. The workshop will concentrate on the various aspects as such:

*   GitHub can also be used to work on text documents?

*   GitHub enables collaboration on documents and software entirely through the web interface?

*   you can create a simple webpage with a few clicks through GitHub?

*   you don’t need any knowledge of the command-line version control tool ‘git’ to do all this?

This course will teach you how to do all these things, and more. The seminar is aimed at graduate students, researchers and librarians, and tailored towards those with very little to no experience in the subjects taught. Experience with git or GitHub or similar services is not necessary. Time permitting, at the end of the workshop those interested can learn how to do the same operations using command line ‘git’.

Participants: max. 15

Requirements: Bring your own laptop

with Annika Rockenberger has a background in literary studies, European history, and communication science. She received her Ph.D. in philosophy of philology from the University of Oslo where she has been working since 2012. In 2013 she initiated the Oslo-based Digital Humanities network that lay the foundation of the Nordic Association for Digital Humanities (DHN) which she co-founded in 2015. She has been active as a DH ambassador in Norway and the Nordic Countries as well as in Europe. Since 2018 she is working as research librarian for digital humanities at the National Library of Norway.

at 13.30-15.30

Venue: Lysholmbygget LY14 , Kalvskinnet campus


A unique possibility to meet Digital Humanities Scholars from renowned Universities with years of experience in  research data management and Digital Scholarship.

We have invited scholars from the University of Toronto, Harvard, UiO, the National Library of Oslo, UiT and NTNU to Trondheim for a two days seminar.

They will share with us their DH projects and will be presenting as well their experience in working with DH infrastructures and tools and the challenges connected to that!

Workshops :1.11.2018 limited numbers
# Dhntnuub2018 # Trondheim #DH

Organiser NTNU UB

Seminar chair: Alexandra Angeletaki

Choose a workshop by registering to


DH seminar by NTNU UB 2018

Archaeology Cultural Heritage Digital Humanities Games UBedu UBrss

“Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”. seminar and Hands on workshops

The NTNU University library, Gunnerus branch extends an invitation to a Digital Humanities seminar at Kalvskinnet campus Trondheim, Norway

1st and 2nd of November 2018

A unique possibility to meet Digital Humanities Scholars from renowned Universities with years experience in DH research.
Choose a workshop by registering here

“Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”.
Workshops :1.11.2018 limited numbers
# Dhntnuub2018 # Trondheim #DH

Keynote speakers: Day One


Costis Dallas, Associate Professor and Director of the Collaborative, Programs, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto and Digital Curation Unit, Athena RC.

Associate Professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information, and since January 2016 Director of Collaborative Programs in the Faculty. For the last three years (July 2012 to June 2015) Director of its Museum Studies postgraduate program (MMSt), teaching courses in museum digital technologies and media, as well as museological theory and management. I am also a founding Research Fellow of the Digital Curation Unit, IMIS=”Athena” Research Centre (, working in the field of curation theory and cyberscholarhip requirements analysis and design. Highly experienced in in the field of cultural management and cultural heritage informatics.


Derek Jakson, Harvard Business Publishing -. Derek received his MS  in Information Science and Technology from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with a particular interest in digital archives and digital preservation. He has worked on many projects for archival institutions such as Yale University Manuscripts and Archives, The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Tufts Digital Collections and Archives, and Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections at Brandeis. Later he moved with experience in metadata and digital formats he moved to publishing and currently is the Manager of Content Production for Harvard Business Publishing where he is participates in organizing HBP’s Metadata, Document Format Conversion and Production Processes, Developing Automated Conversion Software, and Content Accessibility.


Andrew Perkis,Professor at NTNU , Andrew Perkis received his Siv.Ing and Dr. Techn. Degrees in 1985 and 1994, respectively. In 2008 he received an executive Master of Technology Management in cooperation from NTNU, NHH and NUS (Singapore). He has been with NTNU since 1993 and currently holds a chair within Media Technology. His current research focus is within methods and functionality of content representation, quality assessment and its use within the media value chain in a variety of applications and change management and business modelling for the media sector. He was one of the founding authors of the concept of Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) and Quality of Experience (QoE). He is also involved in setting up directions and visions for new research within media technology and entertainment as well as directions for innovations in Immersive Media Technology Experiences.

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Archives and libraries brought into the 21st century through interdisciplinary teamwork.

The value of working in interdisciplinary teams and projects was the main theme of theITS21 Conference in Trondheim organized by NTNU 20-21 of June 2018.

The NTNU University Library, (the Gunnerus branch) participated in one of the sessions focusing on how to develop the needed skills for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation with a paper entitled :

“Archives and libraries brought into the 21st century through interdisciplinary teamwork.”

Libraries and archives as institutions of memory face a challenge when it comes to staying in tune with the demands that the development of technology poses on our society. In order to bring libraries and archives forwards to the digitalization current of the 21st century, I dare to say, one has to share and reflect upon workflows. The NTNU library in Trondheim has had a series of projects ( E-pensum, Mubil, Ark4) since 2012 in collaboration with national and international teams of special expertise in the field of Archive and Heritage education studies that has led to several insights on the subject.

I am working on an article on the subject and I am interested in reflections around the skills of communication in such environments! The hardest task, as it seems to me, and the one most needed for a successful collaboration is communication. It`s central not only because its is time consuming and difficult to establish among disciplines and individuals that have never worked together before; but it requires social intelligence.

Often in such projects when people meet to discuss an idea, there is already funding on the table, but the teams might new to each other and they bring not only expertise but their own personalities into the project. So the process of learning to work together is connected to a specific aim but one has to develop skills as to observe, listen, and be compassionate as a person and as a professional. The same issue appeared at annual Dariah meeting in Pariswhen we were talking about Digital Humanities and interdisciplinary work. Its seems to me that it is a recurrent theme, that of successful communication between the humanists and the IT designers and developers which is undercommunicated.

How can we grasp and define these processes, how can we learn and reflect on interdisciplinary communication skills in project and research design..

Just posing a question!



Archaeology Cultural Heritage Digital Humanities Games

Libraries in the sky conference in Oslo by IFLA

Alexander Lyngsnes and Alexandra Angeletaki are presenting tomorrow the 12. of April at the IFLA conference in Oslo

Libraries in the sky: large-scale collaboration strategies and infrastructures to enhance the use of digital heritage collections
IFLA RBSCS mid-term conference, National Library of Norway (Oslo)

The paper: Archives and libraries brought into the 21st century through the use of technology. Lessons learned and challenges to reflect upon.

The presentation:​

Lilienksiold 1670
From a manuscript to VR.

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Games Science and culture event in Gunnerus library 19th of February 2018

NTNU IDI and NTNU UB is extending an invitation to young students (13 to 19) and parents to participate in a gaming event at Gunnerus library in Kalvskinnet Campus,

19th of February from 10.00 until 14.00.

Program:  Lectures (10-11) – Games (11-13) – Reflections (13-14)



Enjoy learning about science, mathematics, history through playing.

Play with the prototypes and give us feedback.
The event will be on in English.
Some refreshments will be served.

The event is partly sponsored by NTNU ARTEC, Trondheim Kommune,  Gunnerus Library, and IDI NTNU. It t will be organized as an International Conference for teenagers. Parents and educators also welcome. It will offer small lectures about science and culture by international researchers and artists from Japan and Europe as well as NTNU professors and Master students;

All those who are attending this event, please confirm your participation sending the full name of all participants and a contact phone number to:

UMI-Sci-Ed (Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education) is a Horizon 2020 project, which aims at enhancing the attractiveness of science education and careers for young people (14-16 year olds) via the use of latest technologies.

ARK4 is a digital library of games and quizes about history, archaeology, botany, litaerature and culture.

Novelica is a game to make people forget about negative feelings about mathematics.

Leo con Lula is a game that facilitates learning of reading skills for those with disabilities.



Gunnerusbiblioteket i høstsol