Detailed Program: “Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”.


“Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”.

DAY ONE: 1.11.2018

9:00-12:30: General introduction

Session Chair : Hanna Musiol ( ISL & NTNU ARTEC / HF)

09:00-09:40 “DARIAH-EU, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities in Europe” Costis Dallas,University of Toronto & Digital Curation Unit, Athena RC.

09:40-10.10 “Policy making on DH infrastructure”, Derek Jackson, Harvard Business Publishing.

10.10-10.30 “Educational Immersive Technologies: New Perspectives”, Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, NTNU.

10.30- 10.50 “DARIAH at NTNU – a part of NTNU ARTEC”, Andrew Perkis, NTNU.

Discussion : 10.50 to 11.20


Coffee break 10 m.

11.30-12.15 Introductory talks on the workshops: 10 m each

Geo-humanities, web mapping and visualization of geospatial data, (Piraye Hacıgüzeller,Ghent University, Belgium).

3D modelling(Dag-Øyvind Solem Engtrø,NIKU)

 VR in Learning (Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, NTNU )

Writing And Publishing On The Web  ( Annika Rockenberger, The National Library of Norway)

 12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-16.30 Parallel hands-on workshops on: 

S1: Ontology-based qualitative data analysis of scholarly practice, (Costis Dallas, Dariah Dimpo),  Suhmhuset 3 hours.

S2: FULLText data analytics, Python libraries and Jupiter notebook (Derek Jakson, Harvard University)  Room 128, Gunnerus library3 hours 

S3: 3D modelling (Dag-Øyvind Engtrø Solem, Niku) Room Theodor Pettersen, Gunnerus House, 2 hours. 

S4: VR in learning (Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU University.)  Gunnerus Library, 2nd floor (small groups)

S5: Web-Mapping, Web GIS and Visualization of Geospatial Data (Piraye Hacıgüzeller Ghent University, Belgium) Room B221, Gunnerus library , 4 hours 

  S6: Writing And Publishing On The Web Together Using Github ( Annika Rockenberger, Research Librarian for Digital Humanities,The National Library of Norway) Room 129 Gunnerus Library, 3 hours.

 DAY TWO:2.11.2018

9:00-12:30: Mining of archives, methodological and theoretical research challenges

 Session Chair:Letizia Jaccheri ( IDI, NTNU & NTNU ARTEC)


  09.00-09.30: “Recreating the past – challenges, methods and results”, Ragnhild Hutchison, CEO Tidvis.

09.30-10.00 “Linkable data, linked data and texts- what have the Digital Humanities to offer, based on the CIDOC-CRM and TEI”, Christian-Emil Ore, , University of Oslo.

10.00-10.30 “Norwegian Ballads, 1550-1950: digitising a cultural heritage, Siv Gøril Brandtzæg, NTNU.

10.30-11.00 coffee break with Gale Scholar lab

11.00-11.30  “Connecting Norwegian Correspondences – From Manuscript Catalogues to Linked Open Data”, Annika Rockenberger, National Library of Norway.

11.30-12.00 “ Literature Archaeology. Corpus Analysis with Jupyter Notebook”, Anders Skare Malvik, NTNU.

12.00-12.30: Questions session