Practical information

A 2day digital humanities seminar at the NTNU University Library and  Library section of  Culture and Science

We start at 9.00 and have lunch at 13.30 at Sit Kantina in Kalvskinnet campus.

Lunch is paid by the participants at the Sit kantine, Kalvskinnet campus



S1: Ontology-based qualitative data analysis of scholarly practice Costis Dallas

12 participants

Assistant: Peggy Fürtig


Suhm Huset
S2: Text data analytics, Python libraries and Jupyter notebook Derek Jackson

16 participants

Ass: Inger Langø



Room 128,, 1st floor, Gunnerus library
S3: 3D modelling Dag-Øyvind Engtrø Solem

10 participants

Ass: Fredrik Schille

Room Thodor Pettersen

Gunnerus house

S4: VR in learning Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland

5 participants, and some passing by

Victoria Juhlin


Gunnerus library, 2nd floor hallway
S5: Web-Mapping, Web GIS and Visualization of Geospatial Data Piraye Hacıgüzeller

13 participants

Ass: Per-Olav  Rasch


Room B221, Gunnerus library
S6: Writing And Publishing On The Web Together Using Github Annika Rockenberger

6 participants

Ass: Alexander Lyngsnes


Room 129, 1st floor, Gunnerus library





Seminar venues:

Seminar Venues:

 Suhmhuset, Gunnerus Library, at Kalvskinnet campus


Visiting Trondheim

Hotel Venue: Radisson Royal Garden Hotel