I-manus på Researchers night 2019

I-manus er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom NTNU UB og  NTNU IMTEL VR lab og NTNU IDI. Martin Storødegård og Mathias Jørnsen har levert sine masters oppgave på prosjektet og vi er stolte av å presentere arbeidet deres her. Read more here , see the film here

 “I-manus” lar brukeren oppleve atmosfæren i et bibliotek fra 1800-tallet og via AR og VR teknologi og beriker de gamle manuskriptene med illustrative hologrammer av historiske bygninger og gjenstander.

–              Besøk et rom med eldgamle bøker og bla gjennom dem; noe som er ikke mulig i det virkelige liv for bibliotekets besøkende.

–              Opplev en tidsreise i Pisa på 1700 tallet. Her kan du gå i gatene og oppleve flere historiske monumenter.


Gunnerus-biblioteket vil takke Bjørn Ante Røe for filmet og professorer Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland fra NTNU IMTEL VR-lab, Theoharis Theoharis fra NTNU IDI. Prosjektkoordinator Alexandra Angeletaki NTNU UB

The project “i-manus” allows the user to experience the atmosphere of a library from the 19th century and then interact with the books by touching them and browsing through them; allowing thus the user to interfere with physical objects to fragile and valuable to be handled today. That is not possible in real life, for the visitors of the library, since the Knudtzon room from 1864 and the collection are protected and monitored by the library conservator in order to be a frozen iconic structure of the past. Martin Storødegård and Mathias Jørnsen have delivered their masters on the project and we are proud to present their work here. The Gunnerus library would like to thank Bjorn Ante Røe for filming and professors Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland from NTNU IMTEL VR lab, and Theoharis Theoharis from NTNU IDI. Project coordinator Alexandra Angeletaki NTNU UB.

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‘Museum exhibitions and their visitors’

The Gunnerus library at Kalvskinnet Campus in Trondheim extends an invitation to a seminar on academic writing and work the 27.03.2019 from 15.00-16.00 at the library

Erlings Skakkes 1B


Dimitra Christidou, a senior researcher in the NTNU Department of Computer Science.

A seminar on methods used for conducting evaluation in museums. By discussing the ways in which researchers approach and explore learning in museums, the seminar aims at triggering inspiration regarding the methodologies one can use to explore a phenomenon or a question. In the seminar, we will also discuss the importance of ‘Peer feedback’ for improving writing performance and critical thinking.

Dimitra Christidou she is currently enganged in H2020 COMnPLAY SCIENCE project at NTNU. Her research focuses on museum learning, visitor studies, multimodality, and embodied interaction. Dimitra holds a PhD in Museum Studies from University College London (UCL) and has worked as a researcher in the museum sector in Sweden, Austria and Greece.

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New project av NTNU UB-Scanning the past

Scanning the past: A new project is on its way with #NTNU VR lab Prof. Ekaterina Prasolova-Frøland and master`s students Martin Storødegård og Per Axel Mathias Jønsen and Prof Thoharis Theoharis ved NTNU/IDI
You can still register for the workshop/visit at the lab here
NTNU UB har initiert et samarbeid med VR lab på Dragvoll ved Professor Ekaterina Prasolova-Frøland og underskrevet en kontrakt med to IT studenter, Martin Storødegård og Per Axel Mathias Jønsen ved NTNU/IDI i å ta masteroppgave knyttet til Gunnerusbibliotekets spesialsamlinger og ved bruk av Augmenter Reality og Virtual Reality teknologi. Veiledere er prof. Ekaterina Prasolova-Frøland og prof. Theoharis Theoharis fra IDI og Alexandra Angeletaki er ansvarlig fra bibliotekets side. Oppstartmøte avholdt 11.8.19.
photos by Nils Ch. Eikland ved NTNU UB
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“Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”. seminar and Hands on workshops

The NTNU University library, Gunnerus branch extends an invitation to a Digital Humanities seminar at Kalvskinnet campus Trondheim, Norway

1st and 2nd of November 2018

A unique possibility to meet Digital Humanities Scholars from renowned Universities with years experience in DH research.
Choose a workshop by registering here

“Introducing Research Practices and Tools for Digital Humanities”.
Workshops :1.11.2018 limited numbers
# Dhntnuub2018 # Trondheim #DH

Keynote speakers: Day One


Costis Dallas, Associate Professor and Director of the Collaborative, Programs, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto and Digital Curation Unit, Athena RC.

Associate Professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information, and since January 2016 Director of Collaborative Programs in the Faculty. For the last three years (July 2012 to June 2015) Director of its Museum Studies postgraduate program (MMSt), teaching courses in museum digital technologies and media, as well as museological theory and management. I am also a founding Research Fellow of the Digital Curation Unit, IMIS=”Athena” Research Centre (, working in the field of curation theory and cyberscholarhip requirements analysis and design. Highly experienced in in the field of cultural management and cultural heritage informatics.


Derek Jakson, Harvard Business Publishing -. Derek received his MS  in Information Science and Technology from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with a particular interest in digital archives and digital preservation. He has worked on many projects for archival institutions such as Yale University Manuscripts and Archives, The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Tufts Digital Collections and Archives, and Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections at Brandeis. Later he moved with experience in metadata and digital formats he moved to publishing and currently is the Manager of Content Production for Harvard Business Publishing where he is participates in organizing HBP’s Metadata, Document Format Conversion and Production Processes, Developing Automated Conversion Software, and Content Accessibility.


Andrew Perkis,Professor at NTNU , Andrew Perkis received his Siv.Ing and Dr. Techn. Degrees in 1985 and 1994, respectively. In 2008 he received an executive Master of Technology Management in cooperation from NTNU, NHH and NUS (Singapore). He has been with NTNU since 1993 and currently holds a chair within Media Technology. His current research focus is within methods and functionality of content representation, quality assessment and its use within the media value chain in a variety of applications and change management and business modelling for the media sector. He was one of the founding authors of the concept of Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) and Quality of Experience (QoE). He is also involved in setting up directions and visions for new research within media technology and entertainment as well as directions for innovations in Immersive Media Technology Experiences.