We look forward to meeting the AFINO network at Hovde gård.
For registered participants, here is the program:

Sunday, June 4th:
19:30: Welcome dinner in Trondheim, at Kalas & Kanasta

Monday, June 5th:
08:10: Departures from Trondheim
09:10: Arrival in Brekstad and transfer to Hovde Gård
09:45: Welcome and beginning of the work
10:00-12:00: Session one – breakout groups – Envisioning desirable futures and how to promote them
12:00-13:00: Lunch
13:10-15:10: Session two – Developing a project proposal or policy brief
15:10-15:45: Coffee Break
15:45-17:30: Session three – Working with AI and projects and briefs finalisation
17:30-18:00:  AFINO Management group: evaluation of the project proposals and policy briefs
19:00: Dinner

Tuesday, June 6th:
8:00: Beginning of day two – Presentations – plenary session
9:40: Coffee break
10:00: Presentations – plenary session
11:45: Lunch
12:30: Final session – AFINO as incubator: Identifying workable means to support projects and initiatives after AFINO 
13:30: Closing of the meeting – Coffee and pastries 

General information about the annual meeting:

Monday, the 5th and Tuesday, the 6th of June 2023
The meeting will open at 9:45 on Monday and will close at 13:30 on Tuesday.

Hovde Gård (yes, it’s the building at the featured image)
Hovdeveien 10, Brekstad

How to get there?
Participants have two options:

  1. Arrange their travel to Trondheim (and back) and then let us organize their trip from Trondheim to Brekstad (of course we are happy to arrange the trip to Brekstad for all those living in Trondheim), or
  2. Arrange their travel to Brekstad and back on their own.

Whatever option you choose, AFINO will reimburse the travel and accommodation expenses upon submission of an expense claim. Please notice that we will not pay daily allowance, food, drinks or other expenses incurred during the travel.

If you choose option 1, you need to arrange your travel to Trondheim and back home. If you need to arrive on Sunday, you also need to book an accommodation for the night. AFINO will book and pay the Hurtigbåt trip from Trondheim to Brekstad (Monday 8:10) and return (Tuesday 14:30 or 16:05). Please let us know about chosen travel option via this form.

Here is the link to the map for the Hurtigbåt dock (which is near Trondheim central station and the Clarion Hotel).  

AFINO is also organizing (and paying for) a dinner for those who will be in Trondheim on Sunday evening, please fill in the form if you want to join us for dinner (you need to be in Trondheim by 19:30 to join the dinner).

Map over Trøndelag and Brekstad. The maps are used with permission from Store Norske Leksikon.
Used with permission from SNL.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. The workshop addresses the community of people who are working to bring research and innovation closer to social and environmental needs.

What will we do?
The two days of the workshop present a very different structure.

The first day (Monday, the 5th) is organized as a workshop.
We will work together on themes of great relevance, focusing on imagining desirable futures for various important issues and how people can be responsible for realising those futures. We will use different formats to structure group work and make this a worthwhile experience for all participants. We hope that this work will also inspire projects and collaborations that will bring forward AFINO’s aspirations.

The second day (Tuesday, the 6th) is organized as a more traditional academic event. There will be parallel sessions where researchers will be able to present and discuss their work, and a final plenary session. 

A full programme will be published later.

For questions and inquiries, please contact AFINO coordinator Giovanni De Grandis giovanni.grandis@ntnu.no or AFINO Research Assistant Natalia Murashova natalia.murashova@ntnu.no.

Featured image: Hovde gård. Photo: Ørland kommune.