Scorpions of Namibia
Bruno H. Lamoral

Published in the Annals of the Natal Museum 23 (3), pp. 497-784.

(Available in fulltext.)

I'm happy to be able to present Bruno Lamoral's impressive work on Namibian scorpion, The Scorpions of Namibia, in fulltext on The Scorpion Files. This has been possible thanks to Dr. Bruno Lamoral and the Director of the Natal Museum. I'm very grateful to them for allowing me to make the book available on the internet. I'm also grateful to computer wizards Geirr Brækstad and Knut J. Petersen (Computer Dept., University Library in Trondheim) for help and advices during the scanning process.

The book is split into several files to avoid too large file sizes (but one file containing the whole book is also available). The files are in pdf-format, and you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to be able to download the book. This program can be downloaded for free (click on button below). Note that it is possible to enlarge page size in Acrobate Reader, and this makes it possible to see the details in Lamoral's's figures very clearly!

The digital edition of the Scorpions of Namibia is available for personal use only, and no reproduction (printed or digital) of the whole book or part of the book is permitted. The digital edition of the Scorpions of Namibia is copyrighted by Jan Ove Rein, Bruno H. Lamoral and Natal Museum in South Africa.


Introduction. Key to taxa.
Pages 497 - 541.

Family Buthidae (Buthothus [= Hottentotta], Karasbergia, Parabuthus)
Pages 541 - 618.

Family Buthidae (Uroplectes).

Pages 618 - 652.

Family Scorpionidae (Hadogenes).
Pages 652 - 669

Family Scorpionidae (Opisthophthalmus).
Pages 668 - 763.

References. Distribution localities, Appendix, Index.
Pages 764 - 784.

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