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The purpose of this page is to present general scorpion information (usually small articles and a FAQ). The FAQ is not made yet, and the page is still under construction. I will include more stuff in the time to come.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about scorpions.

Scorpion Articles:

Scorpions of Afghanistan. A small article which list the scorpions reported from Afghanistan.
Written by Jan Ove Rein.
Scorpion anatomy. A figure showing the important parts of the scorpion body and their names. (2. ed.)
Made by Daniel Hill (C).
Scorpions of Europe. A major review article about the scorpions of Europe. This article is updated regularly, as changes in the scorpion fauna of Europe is published. 2. edition (September, 2003).
Written by Jan Ove Rein.
Scorpions in Iraq. A small reviw of the scorpions of Iraq, with pictures and information about the species.
Written by Jan Ove Rein.
Scorpions of Jordan. This excellent article about the scorpions of Jordan written by Amr & Baker was orginally published in the now abolished german scorpionsite Skorpione.de. Thanks to Gunther Witt for allowing the article to be published in The Scorpion Files! I'm also grateful to Alex Tietz for taking the initiative to get the article published in The Scorpion Files.
The article is available both in english and in german.
Written by Zuhair S. Amr & Mohammad Abu Baker, Jordan.
Major Changes in Higher Scorpion Systematics Published in December 2003. Soleglad & Fet has made several important changes to the number of scorpion families, and the content of some of the families in their 2003 paper. These changes are now implemented in The Scorpion Files, and a summary of these changes can be found by clicking on the title.
Written by Jan Ove Rein.
Gerard Dupre's World Scorpion Bibliograpy (2. ed.). This is the result of several years of work done by the french researcher Gerard Dupre, who has collected scorpion references from both scientific and popular science information resources. An exhaustive list of scorpion papers and books written since the birth of scorpion research. Last utpdated in 2013.
Written by Gerard Dupre.
Scorpions protected by CITES. Three species are protected by CITES, and this small article tells you who and why.
Written by Jan Ove Rein.

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