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Scorpion Files - Occasional Papers
(The Scorpion Files' online journal)

Editor: Jan Ove Rein

The purpose of this online journal is to present scientific or popular science articles on all aspects of scorpion biology. The Scorpion Files has no intentions of becomming a "hardcore" scientific journal, but a scientific publishing style is prefered (see author instructions (comming soon) for more information). A more informal style will be accepted for popular science articles. All articles (both scientific and popular science) will be submitted to a peer review. This to ensure the quality of the content presented. All articles are freely available (open access). Scentific articles publishished in Scorpion Files - Occasional Papers are indexed in Zoological Record ® .

The journal will accept papers dealing with all aspects of scorpion biology. Please read the author instructions (comming soon) before submitting a manuscript. Manuscripts can be submitted to jan.rein@ub.ntnu.no.

Papers are presented in pdf-format, and you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to be able to download the book. This program can be downloaded for free (click on button below).

Articles here can be cited in this way:

Rein, J. O. (2007). An example of how to cite an article. Scorpion Files - Occasional Papers 0:1-3. [Available at: http://www.ub.ntnu.no/scorpion-files/articlename.pdf]

Please note that different journals have different styles of how to cite references.

ISSN: 1504-7342


Issue 3:

Henk K. Mienis (2009)
Articles and new taxa dealing with scorpions authored by Dr. Gershom Levy (1937-2009). Scorpion Files - Occasional Papers 3:1-3.

Issue 2:

Teruel, Rolando & Rein, Jan Ove (2009)
On the findings of Vaejovis mexicanus C. L. Koch, 1836 and other scorpions in Norway (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae, Euscorpiidae, Hemiscorpiidae). Scorpion Files - Occasional Papers 2:1-3.


Issue 1:

Rein, Jan Ove (2007)
Taxonomic updates in scorpions (Arachnida: Scorpiones) since the publication of the Catalogue of the Scorpions of the World (1758-1998) (Fet, Sissom, Lowe, & Braunwalder, 2000) . Part 1: Bothriuridae. Scorpion Files - Occasional Papers 1:1-11.

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2019