NMT konferansen 2023


  • Thomas Gjesteland Universitetet i Agder
  • Magne Olav Sydnes Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger


Good traditions should be followed! One such tradition is that Nordic Journal of STEM Education publishes a special volume with papers prepared based on presentations at the biennial MNT (STEM) conference. In line with this volume 8 of the journal is dedicated to articles discussing topics that were presented at the MNT conference in Stavanger in March 2023.

The conference attracted a record number of high-quality abstract submissions – far more presentations than we possibly could fit into the two-day program. The scientific review committee therefore had to face a tough challenge to select presentations that could get a slot time for an oral presentation. Many good contributions were therefore presented as posters during the two days. The record interest for contributing with presentations at the conference was also accompanied by a record crowd of participants. Thank you to everybody who came to Stavanger for the conference and a very warm thank you to alle the local organizers making the conference a success! When we meet again in two years’ time it is NTNU’s turn to host the conference. We wish them good luck with their preparations, and we are already looking forward to the next MNT conference in 2025!  

The all-time high participation at the MNT conference tells us that the interest in learning and sharing knowledge on how to conduct good education for our students is growing. It is very enjoyable to see that, and we know that our subjects are key in order to solve many of the challenges that the society is facing. 

We hope that the papers published in this volume will be inspirational!


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