Students preparation for Team-Based Learning modules. Self-regulated learning and time spent


  • Børge Irgens UiT Norges arktiske universitet



The Flipped Classroom, where students prepare individually before coming to the classroom, is used in many courses to free time for more active learning activities in the classroom. Students must be motivated to prepare if this is to work well, especially if the learning activites involve group work. Team-based Learning (TBL), which can be considered a form of Flipped Classroom, is an approach that is supposed to be especially well suited for motivating the students to prepare.

The goal of this study was to measure how much students spent preparing and their use of self-regulation and learning strategies when preparing before the classroom activites. In addition we will examine the relationship between these factors and the students result on a test taken before some teaching sessions. The study was conducted in the context of the course FYS-1001 Mechanics at UiT The Arctiv University of Norway in the autumn of 2020. Approximately 30 students took that course for the first time.

Information about the students' self-regulation and learning strategies was collected using the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire. In order to measure how prepared the students were for the classroom teaching, preliminary tests were carried out at the beginning of some teaching sessions. The students also stated how much time they had spent preparing and how many days they had spent.

No significant differences were found in self-regulation and learning strategies between the students who were well and poorly prepared for the teaching.


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