MNT Konferansen 2021


Utdanningskvalitet i et bærekraftigsperspekiv.
15. og 16.mars 2021, Kristiansand
Vi planlegger digital deltagelse.

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We invite contributions that address pedagogical, educational, and academic developments or studies. The journal is planning for two main sections: invited editorials, and contributions to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), based in empirical observation and theoretical frameworks. We wish to provide a forum where experience, reflection and scholarly studies can be shared in support of the development of higher education.

The Nordic Journal of STEM Education invite contributions of 6000 words or less, not including abstract (max 300 words) and references, with the aim of publishing its first issue early November 2017. We intend to to publish continuously as contributions are accepted for publication.

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