Ethical Navigation in Leadership Training


  • Øyvind Kvalnes BI Norwegian Business School
  • Einar Øverenget Academy of Humanities



business ethics, leadership training, dilemma


Business leaders frequently face dilemmas, circumstances where whatever course of action they choose, something of important value will be offended. How can an organisation prepare its decision makers for such situations? This article presents a pedagogical approach to dilemma training for business leaders and managers. It has evolved through ten years of experience with human resource development, where ethics has been an integral part of programs designed to help individuals to become excellent in their professional roles. The core element in our approach is The Navigation Wheel, a figure used to keep track of relevant decision factors. Feedback from participants indicates that dilemma training has helped them to recognise the ethical dimension of leadership. They respond that the tools and concepts are highly relevant in relation to the challenges that occur in the working environment they return to after leadership training.


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Kvalnes, Øyvind, & Øverenget, E. (2012). Ethical Navigation in Leadership Training. Etikk I Praksis - Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics, 6(1), 58-71.



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