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Cultivate Tomorrow

University students are reimagining the future of food. 

Cultivate Tomorrow is the first and only student hackathon of its kind

The Hackathon provides a space for undergraduate and graduate students can explore their interest in cellular agriculture and cell-cultured food.

Driven by Students

The Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon is developed and organized by a student leadership team.

Student participation in the flagship hackathon (2021-22) demonstrated that undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines are gaining substantial interest in cellular agriculture. 

Supporting Student Development in Cellular Agriculture

Cultivate Tomorrow is a student organization that provides university students with experiential education in a collaborative, team-based setting. Students bring together their diverse interests and skill sets to compete in the engaging final event. The hackathon provides the means for students to demonstrate their innovation, passion, and drive as future leaders in cellular agriculture.


Hackathon Overview

Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon is a competition that asks teams of students to engage with the most pressing problems in the cellular agriculture industry.

Students participate and work with expert industry advisors to create solutions for designated hackathon tracks.

Over several months, undergraduate and graduate students develop a final project and presentation to be evaluated by a diverse panel of judges. 

Hackathon Objective

The goal of the hackathon is to provide an open-to-all hands-on competition for undergraduate and graduate students across the nation and beyond to tackle hurdles the cell ag industry faces.

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