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Do you believe in human impact? We do. 

That’s why we’re hosting Global Talent Week, an online event connecting young professionals, students, and transition talents with companies and opportunities to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Join Global Talent Week as a participant or exhibitor.
APPLICATION FORMS: Submit your solution to the Global Talent Award application form, or nominate someone who you think be interested through our nomination form.

The program will focus on 4 key SDGs:

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities (meet Natural State)

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production (meet Nordic Circular Hotspot)

SDG 13 - Climate action (meet Skift)

SDG 14 - Life below water (meet TOOL)


The best solution to one of this year's challenges, will take home a cash prize of NOK 100,000,-.


10,000 global talents (young professionals, students, and transition talents are expected to join us from 150 locations, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community.

Together, we can make a change - Global Talent Week will be a hub for talents, companies, and change-makers to explore new initiatives.


Launch on December 1st: This year's challenges

Get ready for the program launch on Thursday 1st December! On launch day, we will reveal this year’s challenges and voting jury so that students and young professionals can start preparing their solutions and proposals.

Application deadline: February 1st, 2023

Global Talent Week and Global Talent Award, March 21st - 23rd

At the Global Talent Week, we announce the Global Talent Award – a cash prize for outstanding change-makers who embody the principles of sustainable development.


Apply for Global Talent Award

This is on:

  • Multiple auditoriums with Talks & Workshops
  • A lobby where you can meet other like-minded people
  • Opportunity Fair with exhibitor booths 
  • Poster Study sessions where solutions and research is presented
  • Lots of networking opportunities
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