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Dr. Fumihiko Uesugi's gallery of SIM (Secondary Ion Microscope) pictures of Liocheles australasiae.

These enlarged pictures show different parts of L. australasiae with the help of a SIM microscope. I'm very grateful to Dr. Uesugi for allowing me to publish these pictures in The Scorpion Files!

All photos by Dr. Fumihiko Uesugi, Japan (C).


Ventral side of trunk with pectines
Part of a pectine 1
Part of a pectine 2
Part of a pectine 3
Dorsal view of prosoma
Ventral view of prosoma
Side view of prosoma
Median eyes
Close-up of one eye
A sense hair (trichobothrium)
Distal parts of cauda (tail) 1
Distal parts of cauda (tail) 2
Dorsal view of chelicera
Tarsus with claws

Here is some information on how the pictures were taken by Dr. Uesugi:
The scorpion was observed by means of Scanning Ion Microscope (SIM) with Ga+ ion accelerated at 30keV. To avoid charge up, scorpion was coated with Au. Actually, this SIM is for semiconductors and use for making sample preparation of Scanning Electron Microscope and/or Transmission Electron MIcroscope. Ion source is liquid Ga. This ion is heavy, so it can process semicondutor materials.

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2020