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The Rolando Teruel gallery of Cuban scorpions.

This part of The Scorpion Files Gallery is devoted to the scorpion fauna of Cuba. Thanks a lot to Dr. Rolando Teruel for allowing me to publish his great pictures on The Scorpion Files. All pictures are (C) Dr. Rolando Teruel.

Family Buthidae:
Alayotityus delacruzi (male)
Alayotityus lapidicola (male)
Alayotityus pallidus (male)
Alayotityus sierramaestrae (male)
Centruroides anchorellus (male)
Centruroides arctimanus (male)
Centruroides baracoae (female topotype from Baracoa, Guantanamo)
Centruroides gracilis (male of red morhp)
Centruroides robertoi (male)
Centruroides robertoi (female)
Microtityus fundorai (mating couple)
Microtityus jaumei (female toptype)
Microtityus jaumei (female)
Rhopalurus garridoi (female)
Rhopalurus garridoi (male)
Rhopalurus garridoi (female with scorplings)
Rhopalurus junceus (male, dark morph)
Rhopalurus junceus (female, dark morph)
Tityopsis inexpectata (female)
Tityopsis inexpectata (male)

Family Scorpionidae:
Cazierus gundlachii (female topotype from Santiago de Cuba)
Cazierus gundlachii (male topotype from Santiago de Cuba)
Cazierus gundlachii (male)
Cazierus parvus (female)
Cazierus parvus (male)
Cazierus sp. (female)
Cryptoiclus rodriguezi (female from Cuba)
Cryptoiclus rodriguezi (scorplings from Cuba)
Didymocentrus jaumei (male)
Heteronebo nibujon (female)

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2020