Gammarid amphipods (Crustacea) in Norway, with a key to the species

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Wim Vader
Anne Helene Solberg Tandberg


Thirteen species in the amphipod family Gammaridae have been reported from Norway. This paper gives a survey of the distribution and habitat of all 13 species of the family Gammaridae occurring or expected to occur in Norwegian waters: both marine, brackish and fresh, including Svalbard, in addition to four species found in close neighbouring waters. It also provides a short history of the study of Gammaridae in Norway, as well as an illustrated identification key to all species in the area.


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Vader, W., & Tandberg, A. H. S. (2019). Gammarid amphipods (Crustacea) in Norway, with a key to the species. Fauna Norvegica, 39, 12-25.
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Anne Helene Solberg Tandberg, University Museum of Bergen

Department of Natural History,

Invertebrate Lab