Paradulichia spinifera Gurjanova, 1946 (Amphipoda, Dulichiidae), a valid species?

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Per-Otto Johansen
Wim Vader


Examination of Paradulichia-material collected from the Barents Sea during the Mareano cruises
indicated that there are clear morphological differences between Paradulichia typica Boeck, 1871
from the Hardangerfjord, W. Norway and Paradulichia spinifera Gurjanova, 1946 from the Arctic.
Based on our material and the original descriptions, these differences are the acute ventral parts of the
body segments, the triangularly shaped coxal plates 3 and 4, the shape and length of the mandible palp
articles, the long merus of pereopods 5 and 6, the elongate telson and the 2-articulate rami of uropod 2.


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Johansen, P.-O., & Vader, W. (2019). Paradulichia spinifera Gurjanova, 1946 (Amphipoda, Dulichiidae), a valid species?. Fauna Norvegica, 39, 111-118.

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