Fauna norvegica is an international journal focusing on Nordic fauna. In addition to faunistic studies, contributions concerning systematics and taxonomy, biogeography, biodiversity in order to describe abundance and distribution, as well as methodological development, are welcome. Submitted manuscripts will be considered for publication after peer review. There are no page charges for manuscripts accepted for publication.

Vol 39 (2019): Volume 39

Published: 2019-02-26

Thermal behaviour of edible crab Cancer pagurus Linnaeus, 1758 in coastal Norway

Snorre Bakke, Sten I Siikavuopio, Jørgen Schou Christiansen


Teleostei, Scophthalmidae: four-spot megrim spotted in Norwegian waters

Rupert Wienerroither, Otte Bjelland, Gjertrud Jensen, Anne Kari Sveistrup


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Fauna norvegica is published by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU University Museum.