Fauna norvegica is an international journal focusing on Nordic fauna. In addition to faunistic studies, contributions concerning systematics and taxonomy, biogeography, biodiversity in order to describe abundance and distribution, as well as methodological development, are welcome. Submitted manuscripts will be considered for publication after peer review. There are no page charges for manuscripts accepted for publication.

Invitation to special issue - Mapping of Norwegian Marine Biodiversity


We will be presenting a special issue on Marine Biodiversity Mapping in Norwegian waters in 2019. The last years we have seen a number of projects mapping and describing marine biodiversity, this increased with the start of the Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative in 2009. We hope this can be an opportunity to present your exciting data from such projects with the rest of the scientific community. 

The deadline for the special issue is set to December 1st 2018, and we will be accepting manuscripts from now until the deadline. 

Vol 38 (2018)

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Fauna norvegica is published by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU University Museum.