Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory at NTNU in Ålesund, Norway


Core staff at IIR:

Occasional staff at IIR:

Affiliated staff from ITK and NTNU AMOS:

Affiliated staff from IHB:

Postdocs and PhD students at IIR:

Student assistants in projects:

  • Even Drugli (BSc automation), Computer Vision for Multi-Camera Tracking of Moving Objects (autumn 2018 – spring 2019)
  • Waleed El Zoghby (MSc simulation and visualisation), CodinGame: Development of E-Learning Material for Programming, Excited pedagogical project (autumn 2018 – spring 2019)
  • Sivert Løken (BSc automation)
    • Cody Coursework: Development of E-Learning Material for Matlab Grader, Excited pedagogical project (summer/autumn 2018)
    • IoT Lab, Excited pedagogical project (autumn 2018)
  • Ole-Martin Hagen Steinnes (BSc automation), IoT Lab, Excited pedagogical project (autumn 2018)
  • Sigurd Oddtrøen Strand (BSc automation)
    • MIDI Sequencer Imponator, Excited pedagogical project (summer/autumn 2018)
    • Hardware-In-The-Loop Valve, Excited pedagogial project (summer 2018)

Current and planned MSc projects:

  • Lars Ole Hurlen (spring 2020): Estimation of sensor data for SCADA systems using machine learning and sensitivity analysis
  • Eirik Fagerhaug (autumn 2019): Drone landing spot recognition in a simulated environment
  • Karl Eirik Aaasen (autumn 2019): Coverage Path Planning Using Autonomous Surface Vessels
  • Martin Pettersen (autumn 2019): Segmentation of MR images Using CNN
  • Demy Patrick Gielesen (autumn 2019): Augmented Reality for Maritime Operations
  • Eirik Gromholt Homlong (spring 2019): Computer-Aided Diagnostics: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Selected PhD, MSc, BSc, and student assistant alumni:

  • Brice Assimizele, PhD (2017): Models and algorithms for optimal allocation of patrol tugs to oil tankers along the northern Norwegian coast
  • Sindre Fossen, MSc (2018): Visualization and Collision Risk Assessment of Real Ships in a Mixed Reality Environment using Live Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data
  • Vidar Selen, MSc (2018): Energy Management Systems for Hybrid Vessels
  • Aleksander Skrede, MSc (2017): A Platform for Autonomous Drone Swarms
  • Albert Havnegjerde, Vegard Kamsvåg, Sveinung Liavaag, BSc (2016): A Low Cost USV for Aqua Farm Inspection (+Best BSc/MSc Thesis Award 2016 by NFEA)
  • Tom Verplaetse, BSc (2015): On Usage of EEG Brain Control for Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients (+Best Student Paper Award at ECMS’16)
  • Fredrik Hoel Helgesen, Daniel Nedregård, Rolf-Magnus Hjørungdal, BSc (2015): Man/machine interaction through EEG
  • Birger Skogeng Pedersen, student assistant for AI for Product Design (2015-16)