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Hanstad, Tor Ivar
Haugen, Hans Morten, From 1 August 2016: Faculty of Theology, Diakonia and Leadership Studies VID Specialized University Campus Oslo
Haugen, Hans Morten
Haugen, Hans Morten, Institute for Diaconia and Leadership, Diakonhjemmet University College
Haukeland, Annelin
Haukenes, Anne, Norsk senter for bygdeforskning, Trondheim
Haunss, Sebastian, Lecturer Department of Theory and Constitution of the Welfare State Universität Bremen
Heggebø, Liv Cathrine
Heggem, Reidun
Hemmestad, Liv, Telemark University College & Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport
Henriksen, Lonny
Hoff, Geir
Hofmann, Bjørn
Hofmann, Bjørn, NTNU, Gjøvik and UiO, Oslo
Hofmann, Bjørn, Seksjon for medisinsk etikk Universitetet i Oslo
Hofmann, Bjørn, UiO, Oslo
Hofmann, Bjørn, Seksjon for medisinsk etikk, Universitetet i Oslo (Norway)
Holst, Jonas

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