Kinship and intimacy


  • Hugh LaFollette Philosophy University of South Florida St. Petersburg



kinship, family, siblings, intimacy, personal relationships, love


We think about personal relationships in two distinct ways. The first focuses on relationships between blood relatives: parents and their children, siblings, and perhaps first cousins. The second focuses on intimacy: relationships where each individual is honest to and trusting of the other; each cares for the other and seeks the other’s company. In this article I ask how these two conceptions are, can be, or should be linked. Should we strive to make all relationships with kin intimate?  Even if the answer is a qualified “No,” does that mean relationships with kin are not valuable?  I offer some tentative answers to these questions. Despite its limitations, I hope this provides a framework from which future exploration of these issues might profitably begin.


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Author Biography

Hugh LaFollette, Philosophy University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Hugh LaFollette is the Cole Chair in Ethics at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  He recently completed a book manuscript In Defense of Gun Control.  He is author of three other books, and editor-in-chief of the International Encyclopedia of Ethics.




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