Looking for sustainable solutions in salmon aquaculture

  • Jennifer Bailey Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU
Keywords: sustainability, sustainable development, aquaculture, salmon aquaculture


Sustainable development poses highly complex issues for those who attempt to implement it. Using the Brundtland Commission’s definition of sustainable development as a vantage point, this article discusses the issues posed by the production of one kind of food, farmed Atlantic salmon, as a means of illustrating the complexity, interconnectedness and high-data requirements involved in assessing whether a given industry is sustainable. These issues are explored using the three commonly accepted aspects of sustainability – its environmental, social and economic aspects – and the dilemmas posed by the need to make the trade-offs necessary among these. It concludes by arguing that decisions of this complexity require complex and multiple decision-making structures and suggests four that are essential for the task.

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Bailey, J. (2014). Looking for sustainable solutions in salmon aquaculture. Etikk I Praksis - Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics, 8(1), 22-40. https://doi.org/10.5324/eip.v8i1.1801
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