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CSEDU 2017 papers selected for special issue in CCIS Springer series

In April 2017, SoftICE members Ottar L. Osen and Robin T. Bye presented two papers on educational research at CSEDU 2017. According to the CSEDU website, “[t]he very best papers presented at this event are selected by the conference and program chairs of the event based on a number of criteria that include the classifications and […]

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SoftICE presenting pedagogical research at STEM-conference

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SoftICE members Hans Georg Schaathun and Robin T. Bye together with first author Welie A. Schaathun will be presenting pedagogical research on “Active Learning Using Microcontrollers (Aktiv læring i Mikrokontrollarar)” at the Norwegian STEM conference in Bergen 18-19 March (MNT-konferansen 2015). AAUC is also represented with other work, including “Development and Testing of Method to […]

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