ONSITE – Design driven field studies for safer demanding marine operations

SoftICE takes part in the ONSITE project, which is headed by the Ocean Industries Concept Lab at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. We had the kick-off meeting 24 March 2015 with project partners from DNV GL, Ulstein Group, and Pon Power AS.
ONSITE seeks to strengthen the Norwegian maritime industry by securing an efficient feedback loop between field studies carried out in maritime operations and design processes for new ships and equipment onshore. SoftICE’s role is to develop data models and the software architecture to support gathering, management, and retrieval of field data.
Field studies is a diverse data source. We have to handle video and audio streams, field notes, narratives, still images, drawings and sketches, as well as numeric data from sensors and ship instruments. Post-field research may add annotations and cross-references to the data set, and these have to be managed as well. The user will have relate data from multiple field studies to study particular phenomena.
Our work will apply modern technologies including semantic web, ontologies, multimedia metadata, et cetera to support field data retrieval. We will consider both the linking of data associated with the same scene in a given field studies, and the linking of field data with contextual models, such as models of the operation or the ship, so that the designer can easily find information relating to particular tasks, roles, or work stations.