Experiences after Covid-19 and digital teaching: IT students ask for streaming and recordings, but say they learn best on campus!


  • Hanne Sørum Kristiania høyskole
  • Kjetil Raaen Kristiania høyskole


Higher education, Post Covid-19, Digital teaching


In this paper, we investigate experiences among IT bachelor students one year after the lifting of the last Covid-19 restrictions. We conducted an online survey among Norwegian IT students enrolled in a bachelor program (n=420), seeking to answer the following question: To what extent and why do students want streaming and recordings of physical lectures after the pandemic? The results of the statistical analysis show that most of the respondents prefer physical teaching and say that although their motivation for learning is best on campus, they also want the option to follow a stream or watch a recording. Third-year students are more positive about digital teaching, as are those who work a lot alongside studies. We conclude that the use of technology during the Covid-19 pandemic has led students to have new expectations and requirements that need to be taken into account.


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