Infographics as an Analysis tool in Student Research


  • Line Kolås Nord University, Norway
  • Oddlaug Marie Lindgaard Nord University, Norway
  • Ninni Anita Rotmo Olsen Nord University, Norway


Infographics, student research, analysis, learning, higher education


Higher education students learn to develop new knowledge through student research projects like bachelor’s and master's theses. They learn to use research methods during their projects, and, in a fast-paced world, using visualizations like infographics can be valuable. Infographics are data visualizations that convey a message by presenting complex information quickly and clearly. Based on our previous teaching experience, IT students are skilled at collecting data but have difficulties with the analysis process of their research projects. The aim of this action research project is to examine the implications of using infographics as a teaching and learning method during student research projects. Our investigation aims to promote the use of infographics as a tool for analysis as opposed to its traditional use of merely presenting findings. Through several action research iterations, including planning, acting, observing, and reflecting, we propose a teaching method with different types of workshop activities to help students analyze their data using infographics. Key factors of infographics as an analysis tool are clarification, categorization, quality assurance, reflection, and interaction. The use of infographics leads to a more personalized understanding and an aesthetic perspective on the data and data analysis. This paper shows that graphics, in combination with academic writing, have the potential to decode and activate meaning in a visual way and to create more distinct ideas.


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