Educating for a building and construction industry in transformation, by creating a real-life case-oriented master’s programme


  • Ole Jonny Klakegg NTNU
  • Synnøve Arntzen NTNU
  • Erling Onstein NTNU


NTNU has taken a leading position by developing a new generation master’s specialization for digital transformation of building and construction. In August 2018, the first group of students where admitted to the new Digital Building Processes program at NTNU campus Gjøvik. This presentation will draw up the main lines in how this programme is developed and implemented with connected courses, the use of new didactical methods, tools and practices. We will explain how the education is supported by industry and integrated with real life case projects to secure a relevant and challenging education in line with the principles of CDIO.

Further, we present how the challenges of digitization are integrated in this programme in two ways: Firstly, the challenges of integrating and building on the real-life tools of digital construction, e.g. BIM, GIS and coordination technologies. The education for the digital future obviously needs to be digital. We also discuss the challenges and experiences in using digital pedagogical tools as means for developing an effective learning environment unlike any traditional construction programme seen at this level.

There is a serious need for education on future working methods and skills in the building and construction industry. Construction is one of the most important industries in society, both in terms of value created, employment and creating future built environment. It is also an industry with great challenges in terms of energy use, climate effect, high cost and low degree of innovation. The best players are well prepared for the future, but the big chunk of companies in construction are not even aware of what is happening. Even the university has been slow to notice the need for new education to meet this development. Not anymore.


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