Blended learning, Active Learning Classroom and information literacy in higher military education

  • Anna-Karin Larsson Försvarshögskolan
  • Sonja Gullberg Försvarshögskolan
  • Johan Lundevall Försvarshögskolan


The design of the physical and online learning environment affects what students are expected to do in these spaces. A learning environment designed for student activity creates better conditions for activity, while an environment designed for instruction gives a different signal. A so-called Active Learning Classroom (ALC) can encourage student activity and increased learning. In an ALC environment, students become co-creators of knowledge.

Flexible learning or blended learning aims to combine the strengths of online learning activities with those conducted on campus. Adequate ICT pedagogical support can stimulate teachers to expand their pedagogical palette with various online learning activities.

Information literacy is an important generic skill for students in higher education. It is about being able to search and evaluate information. Information literacy is context-related and closely linked to the academic subject itself but also to the skills and abilities that are required for a certain profession. It is impossible to know what competencies needed for the future. Therefore it is important to create a learning environment that support critical reflection, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

During the round table discussion, we want to discuss the possibilities of using online learning activities and online examination and Active Learning Classroom to promote information literacy. The questions we want to discuss are:

  • How can we combine online learning with facilitating information literacy and ALC?
  • In what way do student’s expectations of teaching and learning affect the implementation of online learning and ALC?
  • How can we collect student experiences of teaching online and in ALC?
  • How can information literacy support learning and subject knowledge in higher military education?
  • How can podcasts support learning in higher military education?