Challenges in Repurposing Single-Campus Courses to Multi-Campus Settings

  • Rune Hjelsvold NTNU
  • Abdullah Bahmani NTNU


Digital technology makes it possible to connect students and teaching staff across geographical distances and therefore is especially attractive to multi-campus universities as a means to increase the selection of courses at each campus and, possibly, to merge similar ones offered at different campuses. This paper summarises some of the experiences made at NTNU when repurposing single-campus courses to a multi-campus setting.

The results show that repurposing single-campus courses to a multi-campus setting has several challenges concerning technology and learning spaces, procedures, organisation and roles, and culture. The challenges are at least as significant as when developing a new, cross-campus course. The paper concludes that live lecture capturing and streaming from one campus to other campuses alone is not sufficient for achieving good conditions for learning.