Three land-snail species new to the Norwegian fauna: Pupilla pratensis (Clessin, 1871), Vertigo ultimathule von Proschwitz, 2007 and Balea sarsii Philippi, 1847 [= B. heydeni von Maltzan, 1881]

Ted von Proschwitz


Three land-snail species are reported as new to Norway: Pupilla pratensis, which has been segregated from P. muscorum s. lat., occurs in three isolated, calcareous wetland sites in the counties of Hedmark and Oppland and two calcareous rock habitats in Nordland County; Vertigo ultimathule, recently described from the northernmost part of Swedish Lapland, has been found in seven localities in the adjacent Norwegian county of Finnmark – the species is probably endemic to northernmost Scandinavia; finally Balea sarsii [= B. heydeni], a pronounced Atlantic element, which has been segregated from B. perversa s. lat., is found in five sites in Hordaland County and one in Sogn og Fjordane County – the locality at Florø in the latter province is the northernmost known for the species.


Gastropoda; distribution

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