A checklist of invertebrates from Norwegian caves and mines

Eivind Østbye, Stein-Erik Lauritzen


The invertebrates hitherto registered from Norwegian caves and mines are presented in a checklist. Each species is listed with localities, cavity type with altitude, total length and depth, and also minimum age ka (i.e. in units of 1000 years) if available. The species from each recorded taxa are listed in tables, with reference to the specific cave or mine where it is recorded, and to relevant publications. Taxa are classified according to their hypogean environment as trogloxenes, habitual or accidental, troglofiles and troglobites based on existing information. In total, 244 species were recorded representing 14 higher taxa. Insecta and Collembola together dominate with 85% of the recorded species, while Diptera alone stand for 42% of the species. The invertebrate fauna in Norwegian caves and mines are relatively poor compared to what is found further south in Europe.


Limestone caves; cave and mine fauna

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5324/fn.v33i0.1585

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