ØK-nytt uke 21
Published 5/27/2023 in Monica Rolfsens blogg
God lørdag og god pinse! Denne uken startet Gunnar, Anne Katharine og jeg i Oslo,… read more ❯
Did the Spanish Lottery Succeed as a Deterrent to Illicit Gambling? A Legal Perspective
By Michael Scham Portrait of Carlos III, the enlightened monarch who introduced the lottery in Spain…. read more ❯
Usefulness of emerging technologies in formal foreign language education
Published 5/22/2023 in NTNU TekNat
The MRPET research group at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK), NTNU Gjøvik… read more ❯
AFINO Annual meeting 2023 – Responsibility for Transformative Futures
Published 5/16/2023 in News from AFINO
Photo of Hovde gård.
When?Monday, the 5th and Tuesday, the 6th of June 2023The meeting will open at 9:45… read more ❯
Detecting the smallest leakages without delay
Published 5/15/2023 in Innovations in Ultrasound
Air photo of oil leaking into the sea around an oil platform.
Leaks in oil & gas boreholes can have serious consequences. But current monitoring methods have… read more ❯
ØK-nytt uke 19
Published 5/13/2023 in Monica Rolfsens blogg
Hei, og god lørdag! En flott nyhet siden sist er innenfor innovasjonsfeltet. Verena Hagspiel på… read more ❯
Ta utfordringen: Det er verdensdagen for fysisk aktivitet!
Published 5/10/2023 in NTNU medisin og helse
To mennesker på tur, med hendene i været.
Foto: Colourbox Da jeg startet på medisinstudiet i 2015 var det med stor iver for alt… read more ❯
ØK-nytt uke 18
Published 5/6/2023 in Monica Rolfsens blogg
Hei, og god lørdag! Den største nyheten denne uken er at ØK har fått sin… read more ❯
The first AFINO hackathon
Published 4/28/2023 in News from AFINO
Group work at the first Hackathon
Hackathon is a newcomer in AFINO context. Read how the first implementation went. The first AFINO… read more ❯
ØK-nytt uke 17
Published 4/28/2023 in Monica Rolfsens blogg
Hei, og god fredag! Mandag denne uken kom søkertallene for studieåret 2023. Det var svært… read more ❯
“La Cuisinière”: The «thieving cook» as lottery player in French nineteenth-century art and literature
By Marius Warholm Haugen In the French context, the nineteenth-century collective imagination seemed to have developed… read more ❯
Trappers Trail
Published 4/20/2023 in Richard Hann
On a more personal note. During the last two years, I had the incredible privilege… read more ❯
ØK-nytt uke 15
Published 4/14/2023 in Monica Rolfsens blogg
I går torsdag hadde vi et heldagsseminar med vår mentor Hanna-Lena, knyttet til akkrediteringsarbeidet vårt… read more ❯
Ambivalences and fluctuating perceptions of the game of Lotto in Venice around the middle of the eighteenth century: the examples of Pietro Chiari & Carlo Goldoni
By Angela Fabris (Klagenfurt) Portrait of the famous Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni, by Alessandro Longhi (ca…. read more ❯
Two new Dendronotus species from NorwayNakensneglen Dendronotus arcticus gartensis.
We describe two species of Dendronotus as new to science. Again, fruitful collaboration with underwater… read more ❯
To nye arter Dendronotus fra NorgeNakensneglen Dendronotus arcticus gartensis.
Vi beskriver to nye arter Dendronotus som ny for vitenskapen. Igjen er det fruktbart samarbeid… read more ❯
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