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Datateknologi (Computer Technology), Recommended dependencies

Studieplaner: liste over innlagte fag (med lenke): IT2805 IT2810 IT3105 IT3402 IT3708 MA0301 TDT4100 TDT4102 TDT4110 TDT4112 TDT4113 TDT4117 TDT4120 TDT4125 TDT4136 TDT4137 TDT4140 TDT4145 TDT4150 TDT4160 TDT4165 TDT4171 TDT4173 TDT4175 TDT4180 TDT4186 TDT4195
 TDT4200 TDT4205 TDT4210 TDT4215 TDT4225 TDT4230 TDT4237 TDT4240 TDT4242 TDT4245 TDT4250 TDT4252 (TDT4255-17) TDT4257 TDT4258 TDT4260 TDT4265 TDT4280 TDT4287 TDT4290 TDT4300 TDT4305 
TFE4101 TMA4100 TMA4115 TMA4140 TMA4240 TTM4100 TTM4135 TTM4185SYMBOLS: C = Bachelor Class  /  I = Master level.  (E = English / N = Norwegian).    F => Fall,  S => Spring

IT Bachelor classes (C). Recommended dependencies. IT Master's level (I)PhD Classes (A) TDT4110 ITGK_Python (N), F TDT4100 JavaOOP (N), S IT1901 ITProject1 = TDT4113 (CS Prog-Project), (N), F TDT4120 AlgDat (N), F TDT4145 ModDB_MS (?), S TDT4140 SoftEng, w/DB/HCI & TTM4100 (N), S TDT4186 OpSys ELLER TDT4160 (?), S TDT4160 DM_DigTek (N), F MA0301 Elm. DiscMath (?), S TDT4180 HCI (N), S IT2901 ITProject2, 15sp (?), S 30sp_Matte For Datateknologi kreves også30sp i matematikk og fysikk&statistikk (Matte 1, 3, 4, Statistikk, Fysikk) og(Matte 2 eller Diskret Matematikk) BachelorCS IDI's Bachelor in CS or Equivalentmin 80 sp in ITAccepted to 4th year CS programIDI's Bachelor in Computer Science or Equivalent IT3010 ResearchMethods (For IDI's Master or similar students.) IT3020__TDT4506 [[ IT Topics is Equivalent with CS Specialization Course]]For IDI's Master students and internationalstudents with equivalent background/consent (7.5 ECTS) IT3402 UIDesign TDT4290 CustProject, F (15 ECTS) TDT4501 CS Specialization Project (15 ECTS) MasterCS Completion of the five year Data-Technology MSc, (or the 2-year MSc Informatics) program IT8002 AdvTopicHCI DT8108 IT Topics DT8114 PhD Seminar in Computer and Information Science Adgangsbegrensninger (Access Limitations)

Some classes offered at "Kalvskinnet" can only accept a given number of students. Please contact the listed teacher in such cases (or Jan Harald Nilsen student coordinator at Kalvskinnet).

The classes listed here are only for students admitted into the Master of Science program in informatics, and to exchange students upon request and by instructor's consent.

This class is primarily for Master students at IDI. See

These courses are only available to students admitted to relevant master programs in technology. It is also available to international students with satisfactory background.

PhD Classes: DTxxxx and IT8xxx are for PhD Students (and for the instructor's IDI-MSc students, by consent).

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