Osedax mucofloris (Polychaeta, Siboglinidae), a bone-eating marine worm new to Norway

Christoffer Schander, Hans Tore Rapp, Thomas G. Dahlgren


The bone-eating siboglinid polychaete Osedax mucofloris Glover, Källström, Smith & Dahlgren, 2005 is reported from Norwegian waters for the first time. Dense growth was found on bovine bones deposited at 118 meters depth off western Norway. Dwarf males were observed for the first time. The two specimens sequenced were identical to haplotypes previously found at a Swedish whale fall. The possibility of finding additional species of Osedax is discussed.


Polychaeta; reducing habitats

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5324/fn.v30i0.632

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