Online webinar 4.6.21: Citizen science initiatives in the cultural heritage sector: insights into open cultural data

Citizen engagement is crucial to the EU – it is the only way to make it a common project for all. Europeans need to be ensured a more active role in the setting of priorities, to make policy more relevant and better fit for purpose[i].

NTNU Brussels office has started a series of webinars on subjects related to the European calls and where best practices are presented. The target audience is Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences researchers and postgraduates as well as cultural sector professionals but also IT and education scholars and professionals.

In these seminars we try to map the pulse of EU financed projects that create open access-based citizen engagement through various initiatives. The first online webinar in line is coming up on the 4th of June 21 on zoom 11.00-11.45.

Please register here> Citizen science initiatives in the cultural heritage sector: insights into open cultural data, 4th of June 11.00 (

About the webinar: The presentation discusses the concept of citizen science as a participatory research methodology in cultural heritage and reviews good practices in creating  and  communicating  open cultural data in citizen science initiatives. A   sample   of   25   practices   of   European   Galleries,   Libraries, Archives   and   Museums   (GLAM)   that   we   analysed   between December  2020  and  March  2021  will  be  presented  through  the following nine dimensions of openness: Open access; Open data; Open  metadata;  Open  metrics;  Open-source  software/hardware(use  or  development);  Open  access  results;  Open  file  formats ,Open  datasets  and  Open  documentation.

 The analysis will  take the form of data  visualizations    for    the    public.    This presentation contributes  to  the  understanding  of  barriers  and enablers in the documentation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in participatory, citizen-enhanced ways.

The speaker  for  this  webinar  will  be Katerina Zourou, PhD, who is a senior researcher in learning and teaching from an open perspective  (open  educational  resources  and  practices)  and from   a   networking   and   collaboration   perspective   (collective learning,   social   networked   learning).   She   is   also   head   of Web2Learn   in  Greece.  She  acts  as  project  leader  or  partner  in transnational  projects  funded  by  the  Council  of  Europe,  the European Commission, and national funds.  Her Publications you can find here.

Organiser : NTNU BRUSSELS OFFICE, Alexandra Angeletaki

Citizen science — active public involvement in scientific research — is growing bigger, more ambitious, and more networked and supports the open science ideal through open knowledge circulation and open data (Irwin, 2018; European Commission, 2020).

Resources from EU

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