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Karsch, 1880

This family consists of 8 genera and 76 species (until 1998). They are closly related to the Scorpionidae, but can be seperated from these by the presence of a subaculear spine on the telson (the Scorpionids lack this feature). Diplocentrids are located in North America (Mexico, Southwestern USA [Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona]), Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua) and South America (Colombia, Venezuela), Caribbean (Greater & Lesser Antilles), Asia (Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen).

Scorpions in this family are occasionally kept in captivity (especially in the USA).

Diplocentrid scorpions are not medically important. (A few serious cases involving the genus Nebo in the Middle East have been reported.) See species file for more information.

Nebo photo by Dave Gaban (C).

This list of genera and species is based on Fet et al.(2000). Subspecies is not included in the list. I try to update the list as additions and changes are published. * denotes changes after Fet et al. (2000). I will be grateful for information about new development in the taxonomy of this family. For information about synonyms and bibliographies, see Fet et al. (2000)

Bioculus Stahnke, 1968
B. caboensis (Stahnke, 1968)
B. cerralvensis Stahnke, 1968
B. comondae Stahnke, 1968
B. cruzensis Stahnke, 1968
B. comondae Stahnke, 1968
Cazierus Francke, 1978
C. alayoni Armas, 1999*
C. gundlachii (Karsch, 1880)
C. monticola Armas, 1999*
C. oviedo Armas, 1999*
C. parvus Armas, 1984*
C. politus (Pocock, 1898)
C. scaber (Pocock, 1893)
DidymocentrusKraepelin, 1905
D. hasethi (Kraepelin, 1896)
D. hummelincki Francke, 1978
D. krausi Francke, 1978
D. lesueurii (Gervais, 1844)
D. minor Francke, 1978
D. nitidus (Hirst, 1907)
D. trinitarius (Franganillo, 1930)
D. waeringi Francke, 1978
Diplocentrus Peters, 1861
D. anophthalmus Francke, 1977
D. coddingtoni Stockwell, 1988
D. colwelli Sissom, 1986
D. coylei Fritts & Sissom, 1996
D. cueva Francke, 1978
D. diablo Stockwell & Nilsson, 1987
D. ferrugineus Fritts & Sissom, 1996
D. gertschi Sissom & Walker, 1992
D. hoffmanni Francke, 1977
D. keyserlingii Karsch, 1880
D. lindo Stockwell & Baldwin, 2001*
D. lourencoi Stockwell, 1988
D. lucidus Stockwell, 1988
D. luisae Guijosa, 1973
D. magnus Beutelspacher & López-Forment, 1991
D. maya Francke, 1977
D. mexicanus Peters, 1861
D. mitchelli Francke, 1977
D. mitlae Francke, 1977
D. ochoterenai Hoffmann, 1931
D. ornatus Stockwell, 1988
D. peloncillensis Francke, 1975
D. perezi Sissom, 1991
D. rectimanus Pocock, 1898
D. reddelli Francke, 1977
D. santiagoi Stockwell, 1988
D. spitzeri Stahnke, 1970
D. steeleae Stockwell, 1988
D. taibeli (Caporiacco, 1938)
D. tehuacanus Hoffmann, 1931
D. tehuano Francke, 1977
D. whitei (Gervais, 1844)
D. williamsi Sissom & Wheeler, 1995
D. zacatecanus Hoffmann, 1931
Heteronebo Pocock, 1899
H. bermudezi (Moreno, 1938)
H. caymanensis Francke, 1978
H. cicero Armas & Marcano-Fondeur, 1987
H. clareae Armas, 2001*
H. dominicus Armas, 1981
H. elegans Francke, 1978
H. forbesii Pocock, 1899
H. franckei Stockwell, 1985
H. granti Pocock, 1899
H. jamaicae Francke, 1978
H. nibujon Armas, 1984
H. portoricensis Francke, 1978
H. pumilus Armas, 1981
H. vachoni Francke, 1978
H. yntemai Francke & Sissom, 1980
Oiclus Simon, 1880
O. purvesii (Becker, 1880)
Tarsoporosus Francke, 1978
T. anchicaya Lourenco & Flórez, 1990
T. flavus (Gonález-Sponga, 1984)
T. kugleri (Schenkel, 1932)
T. yustizi Gonález-Sponga, 1984
Nebo Simon, 1878
N. flavipes Simon, 1882
N. franckei Vachon, 1980
N. grandis Francke, 1980
N. henjamicus Francke, 1980
N. hierichonticus (Simon, 1872)
N. omanensis Francke, 1980
N. poggesii Sissom, 1994
N. whitei Vachon, 1980
N. yemenensis Francke, 1980

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2000